A free, open-source distributed application framework for .NET

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Simple yet Sophisticated

Easy to use and understand, allowing you to focus on solving business problems

Transport Liquidity

Deploy using RabbitMQ, Azure Service Bus, ActiveMQ, and Amazon SQS/SNS without having to rewrite it

Powerful Message Patterns

Consumers, sagas, state machines, and choreography-based distributed transactions with compensation

End-to-End Solution

Handles message serialization, headers, and routing, broker topology, exceptions, retries, concurrency, connection and consumer lifecycle management

Unit Testable

Fast in-memory test harness to simplify unit testing, including sent, published, and consumed message observers


Modern support for distributed tracing, service health and liveliness checks

MassTransit is an open-source distributed application framework for .NET. MassTransit makes it easy to create applications and services that leverage message-based, loosely-coupled asynchronous communication for higher availability, reliability, and scalability.

MassTransit works with several well-supported message transports and provides an extensive set of developer-friendly features to build durable asynchronous services.