# 7.1.7

# Fixes

  • SignalR Hubs now properly configure the broker topology (broken in 7.1.6)
  • Job State Machine message order fix
  • Removed the ListJsonConverter from the message deserializer for JSON messages (used by XML conversion only now)
  • TransactionBus pending operation fix
  • Invalid Content-Type causing endless loop on receiver
  • Removed unintentional topology configuration delay for RabbitMQ
  • Amazon SQS prefetch count algorithm always read 10 messages at a time, now will read actual number if prefetch count is < 10

# Container Scope

In previous versions, the container scope was not properly registered when resolving the consumer, resulting in the IPublishEndpoint and ISendEndpointProvider interfaces on dependent objects being resolved from a different scope. A single scope is now properly used to resolve all consumer dependencies.

# ActiveMQ Virtual Topic Prefix

The virtual topic prefix can now be specified for ActiveMQ publish/subscribe, which is useful if the default broker configuration is changed to use a different prefix (or no prefix at all).