# 7.1.5

# Health Checks

Disconnected receive endpoints, which were connected using ConnectReceiveEndpoint were staying in the health check list and showing up as degraded after being disconnected.

# Azure Service Bus Session Saga Repository

The saga repository was upgraded to the level of the others, using the same underlying components – which means it should now support property dependency injection of state machine activities.

# Published Message Scheduler Messages

The messages published to Quartz were using the wrong message type, which wasn't really an issue with RabbitMQ, but non-polymorphic brokers would not get the message to the scheduler.

# State Machine Event Topology

A state machine saga can now specify events that do not configure the consume topology. This will eliminate excessive exchanges/topics for directed events that are sent to the saga such as responses. The option is specified during event configuration:

Event(() => WaitTimeout, x => x.ConfigureConsumeTopology = false);

# Kafka Producer Registration

The Kafka registration methods were changed from method chaining to nested closures, to be consistent. This also allows the context to be used to resolve dependencies (such as the Confluent schema registry client).

# AddGenericRequestClient

Users of Microsoft DI can specify services.AddGenericRequestClient() to automatically resolve any request client type (requests will be published).

# Use Message(Lifetime) Scope Faults

Multiple faults were being published in combination with retry, the outbox, and message lifetime scope filters. Edge case, but the issue was resolved.

# Kafka / Event Hub Checkpoint Concurrency Resolved

The issue with non-deterministic checkpoints when using concurrent event consumption was resolved.

# RawJsonSerializer Message Headers

The RawJsonSerializer was improperly transferred transport headers from the inbound message to outgoing messages. This was causing exceptions, such as invalid table value, using RabbitMQ and may have been a problem with other brokers.

# Amazon SNS

GroupId/DeduplicationId is now set on published (topic) messages. Previously it was only set on Sent (queue) messages.