# 7.1.3

This release is mostly bug fixes and minor tweaks, but any notable items are listed below

# Request Client

There was a bug in the request client when using multiple response types where consumer faults were not causing the request to fault.

# Broker Disconnects

There was a case where a broker disconnect could prevent a receive endpoint from restarting after reconnection. The receive transport has been restructured to eliminate the complexity and ensure reconnection until stopped. Riders were also updated to use the new receive transport.

# Message Data

A MessageData<Stream> property is now supported, in addition to string and byte[].

# Automatonymous

The Finalize() extension was not working properly in Catch blocks.

# Kafka Topic Creation

Kafka Topics can now be created. Within the topic endpoint configuration, you can specify:

k.TopicEndpoint<KafkaMessage>("topic-name", "consumer-group-name", e =>
    e.CreateIfMissing(t =>
        t.NumPartitions = 2; //number of partitions
        t.ReplicationFactor = 1; //number of replicas

# RabbitMQ Delay Exchange

The delay exchange should no longer create/bind a queue of the same name.

# Fault Publish Configuration

The publishing of faults can now be disable by setting PublishFaults to false on a receive endpoint.

# Managed Identity in Azure Functions

When configuring Azure functions, if no key is found in the connection string, the Managed Identity token provider is automatically configured.