# Live Coding

Chris Patterson (@PhatBoyG (opens new window)) has begun production of a video series. Each episode is a live, all-code experience covering MassTransit's extensive capabilities.

These videos were started in response to the COVID-19 crisis when many communities were put under shelter in place orders. To make good use of the time (and to avoid binge watching yet another B-series on Netflix), this series was started as a learning resources to share with others in the same situation.

Episodes are broadcast in 1080p60, and are a continuous journey through the creation of a fictitious order and inventory management solution.

# YouTube

Episodes are available on YouTube (opens new window), new episodes are added fairly regularly.

# Twitch

Live sessions are rarely broadcast at this point, most are recorded and directly posted on YouTube.

Catch live broadcasts on Twitch (opens new window). Subscribe to notifications to know when a new live show is about to start. If you miss a live show, previous episodes are retained for sixty days in the MassTransit Collection (opens new window).