# Monitoring routing slip execution

During routing slip execution, events are published when the routing slip completes or faults. Every event message includes the TrackingNumber as well as a Timestamp (in UTC, of course) indicating when the event occurred:

  • RoutingSlipCompleted
  • RoutingSlipFaulted
  • RoutingSlipCompensationFailed

Additional events are published for each activity, including:

  • RoutingSlipActivityCompleted
  • RoutingSlipActivityFaulted
  • RoutingSlipActivityCompensated
  • RoutingSlipActivityCompensationFailed

By observing these events, an application can monitor and track the state of a routing slip. To maintain the current state, an Automatonymous state machine could be created. To maintain history, events could be stored in a database and then queried using the TrackingNumber of the routing slip.