How to install


The simplest way to install MassTransit into your solution/project is to use NuGet.

nuget Install-Package MassTransit

Then, depending upon your transport, you could install one of the following transports.


nuget Install-Package MassTransit.RabbitMQ

Azure Service Bus:

nuget Install-Package MassTransit.AzureServiceBus

Compiling from source

Lastly, if you want to hack on MassTransit or just want to have the actual source code you can clone the source from

To clone the repository using git try the following:

git clone

Note: The default branch for this project is develop. This is done to make development easier. The master branch in this case represents gold code.

Build dependencies

To compile MassTransit from source you will need the following developer tools installed:

  • .NET 4.5.2 SDK or later


To compile the source code, drop to the command line and type:


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