MassTransit is an open-source project and it means that it relies not only on the core group of people who created it, but also on you!

If you have a brilliant idea how to make MassTransit even better - get in touch with others using GitHub issues, Google group or Gitter, and if you are ready to make a code contribution, do the following:

  • Make your fork of the MassTransit repository
  • Clone the fork to your machine
  • HACK!
  • Submit a pull request


MassTransit documentation is hosted on GitHub Pages and uses the Gitbook. In order to be able to build the documentation locally, you need to have Node.js on your machine.

If you want to contribute to this documentation, you need to:

  • Install Gitbook CLI $ npm install -g gitbook-cli

  • Install npm v3 to avoid some issues of npm v2 $ npm install -g npm

  • Go to the MassTransit local clone directory and run

    • macOS, Linux $ npm install
    • Windows $ npm install --no-optional
  • Install Gitbook files $ gitbook install

  • Run Gitbook site $ gitbook serve

When all these steps are done, you will be able to see the site on http://localhost:4000. Each time you make changes to the documentation files (Github Markdown files located in the docsfolder), Gitbook will rebuild the site and refresh you browser.

After you have done all the changes, commit, push and submit a pull request as usual.

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