The Atoms


A filter is a middleware component that performs a specific function. A middleware layer is typically a collection of multiple filters, so each filter should adhere to the single responsibility principle -- do one thing and one thing only. This fine-grained approach ensures that developers are able to opt-in to each behavior without including unnecessary or unwatched functionality.

The framework includes many filters, most of which are structural or compositional. Developers are also free to create their own filters specific to their application requirements.

To create a filter, create a class that implements IFilter<T>.

public interface IFilter<T>
    where T : class, PipeContext
    Task Send(T context, IPipe<T> next);


Filters are composed into a Pipe using a builder pattern.

var pipe = Pipe.New<PipeContext>(x =>
    x.UseFilter(new CustomFilter(...));

Contexts are then sent through the pipe using the IPipe<T> interface.

public interface IPipe<T>
    where T : class, PipeContext
    Task Send(T context);

The send is invoked using the standard async/await features in the C# language.

await pipe.Send(new PipeContext(...));

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