Automatonymous is a state machine library for .NET developers. Automatonymous provides a fluent syntax for declaring state machines, including the states, events (both trigger and data events are supported), and state/event activities. While surprisingly easy to use for simple state machines, Automatonymous has many advanced features that make it usable in a variety of contexts.

Automatonymous is completely open source and licensed under the very permissive Apache 2.0 license, making it usable at no cost to anyone for both commercial and non-commercial use.


Automatonymous is used to create sagas (process managers) in MassTransit - a free open-source messaging framework. Take a look at how they both play nicely together.

Cry for help

This documentation is stored in the GitHub repository, and as such can be forked, updated, and merged into the main project via pull request. So if you want to help out with the documentation, please do so!

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