# Live Coding

Chris Patterson (@PhatBoyG) has begun production of a video series. Each episode is a live, all-code experience covering MassTransit's extensive capabilities. The videos are produced on-demand, and over eight hours are already available.

These videos were started in response to the COVID-19 crisis when many communities were put under shelter in place orders. To make good use of the time (and to avoid binge watching yet another B-series on Netflix), this series was started as a learning resources to share with others in the same situation.

Episodes are broadcast in 1080p60, and are a continuous journey through the creation of a fictitious order and inventory management solution.

# Twitch

Episodes are broadcast live on Twitch. The first six hours were released in a single weekend and new episodes are broadcast throughout the week. Once aired, episodes can be replayed for sixty days.

Previous broadcasts can be viewed in the MassTransit Collection.

# YouTube

Episodes are archived on YouTube after airing and will be available indefinitely.

MassTransit Playlist