Installing Automatonymous


Automatonymous requires .NET 4.5.2 (or later). Due to the extensive use of the TPL and async/await, earlier .NET versions are not supported.

How to install


The simplest way to install MassTransit into your solution/project is to use NuGet:

Install-Package Automatonymous

Compiling From Source

If you want to hack on Automatonymous or just want to have the actual source code you can clone the source from

To clone the repository using git try the following::

git clone

If you want the development branch (where active development happens)::

git clone
git checkout develop


Automatonymous uses FAKE to build itself. FAKE is installed from NuGet, so all you have to do is to drop to the command line and type:


If you look in the .\build_output folder you should see the binaries.

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